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Forty Below Bottle Boot 0.5 Liter size Price: $23.95

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The Forty Below® Bottle Boot™ Pint (16oz.)/.5 Liter size, is a very insulating water bottle cover, to help keep water from freezing, especially in extreme cold environments. Used on expeditions worldwide for over 3 decades.  This insulated bottle cover is a unique design that enables the user to easily open with mittens or gloves, with easy access to the bottle, and no zippers to break or freeze.

Key Features Forty Below Bottle Boot .5 Liter/16oz. Size:
Thick Insulated Bottle Cover.
Fits most .5 Liter/Pint size water bottles.
Helps keep liquids from freezing in cold conditions.
Helps Keep liquids cool in warm conditions.

Low Profile Design.
Thick 6.5mm Closed Cell Neoprene foam nylon covered insulation.
No zippers to break or freeze.
Webbing belt loop.
Velcro front closure.
5 Sizes available!

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Forty Below®  Bottle Boot™:   .5 Liter/ (16oz.) size

Insulation:  1/4" (6.5mm) thick stretchy nylon covered closed cell foam (wetsuit type material).  Same thickness completely around the bottle. 

Fits: most 16 ounce or 500ml water bottles.

Fits a bottle up to 3 inches in diameter, and 7 inches tall.  Stretchy material so it can flex with different shapes of bottles. 

Weight: 3 oz (84g)

Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink.


4 other  sizes available:







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Here is the Forty Below .5L (16oz.) Bottle Boot:

Forty Below Bottle Boot .5L in use




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